Friday, January 23, 2015

Introduce Yourself: Eden

Hey People,

I'm Eden and I am here, thanks to Annalysa, to introduce myself.  There's not too much to say about me, I'm 16, a Christian, one of 7 children, and I'm a singer.
Some of the things I enjoy doing include ballet, singing/music, swimming, being with my amazing family, talking, laughing, and much more.

After having a strong base in piano, I moved on and started singing lessons in Feburary of 2013.  I am mostly classical, but I also sing Broadway, a little jazz, contemporary, etc.

So yeah... that pretty much sums up my "music life." ;)

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Thanks Eden! :) Be sure to check out her blog, Eden's Evaluations, and her video of "The Holy City" on the "Video" tab. If you want to be featured in an "Introduce Yourself" post, email me at


  1. Hey Eden I listened to the video that Annalysa posted on the video page, you have a really nice voice. Are you going to pursue singing professionally?

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    2. Hey Cole! Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Haha, I've never really thought about that... I would say that at this point, no, I really don't want to be a professional opera singer. I love singing and performing, so one day (soon) I want to start teaching as well as incorporate it in my other goals/dreams/crazy ideas. ;P

    3. I get it! Being a pro takes a ton of work and sacrifice. I've been told by some amazing pianists that I need to play professionally, but it just isn't worth it. Best wishes, find your niche in singing and go for it!

    4. Is music a hobby for you, Cole? I'm just curious! :)

    5. It depends on how you define "hobby". I usually pratice for just over an hour a day but when I have upcoming piano events it can easily become 2 hours daily. I also have a paid position playing piano in church but I think I already said maybe a large hobby?

  2. An hour? Lucky! With school and all I usually don't have time to practice for a full hour... okay, cool!

  3. Thanks Cole! Lol, you know I read my comment again and thought I should clarify a bit... while I don't want to be a professional *opera* singer, (like being with an opera and such) I still want singing to be a big part of my life, using it for the glory of God. So whatever He wants me to do with my singing, I'm totally up for it! :D ;)