Friday, January 30, 2015

Introduce Yourself: Maria

Hi! My name is Maria =D

I found this Blog through Annalysa…We have known each other for about…….well, since she was 4…=D

I am a Christian 17 year old high school graduate. And I am planning on staring college in the fall =D

My sister taught me piano basics when I was….8… I think? I started taking from Annalysa’s Mom when I was 10 =D I am currently not taking lessons though I still love to play =D  

I started learning the flute a little while back (so if there is anyone who knows how to play the flute I would be happy for any advice as I am trying to teach myself) 0.o

I also have to say that I love the Piano Guys =D

There is not much else to say…..

Other than playing the Piano and squeaking on the Flute I enjoy reading, my cat, cleaning my house (when it is not full of people), hanging with my family, playing Ultimate Frisbee, writing and talking…

I guess that is it =D

Thanks for letting me post, Annalysa! =D 


Thanks, Maria! Remember, if you want to do an Introduce Yourself post, send me an email at

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  1. Glad you're here on this blog with the rest of us, Maria!