Friday, February 6, 2015

Introduce Yourself: Rachel

Hello!  My name is Rachel M., and I live in the wilds of Alaska.  I’m 13 years old, and I’ve been doing piano since I was….6?  Or something like that. ;)  I’m not so far along as I would like to be, but I suppose I’m doing well enough, since I had a 2-year break that ended at the end of the National Bible Bee season.  (That’s when we ‘officially’ started school.)  
This summer, our family was able to begin making our lifetime dream true: playing strings together as a family.  My older sister and I began playing violin, Mom and my younger sister on viola, and Dad and my younger brother on cello.  We just had a baby, so we’re not sure where he’ll fit in.  Oh well, we have a while to decide. ;)  We actually have only had one lesson, and that kind of kicked us off, but it sounds like we will be able to start them up again!  
One of the ladies in our church has a really good handbell set, and we’ve played a few songs since we moved up to AK, but haven’t really been doing it consistently.  Now, hopefully, we’ll be able to start ringing more often, with Dani (older sis), Dad, Mom and me with the honors of some of the most experience ringers!  Can’t wait for that!
My Dad and Mom both have been involved in music since they were young (Dad had an opera singer for a voice teacher from 6 years old to his teens; Mom accompanied the high school choir when she was about 11- shows you how good she is! ), and so they started a homeschool choir up here.  We did two very fun years of it, then our family was gone for 19 months on a very long road trip Outside. (Lower 48)  (We’re missionaries to the Natives up here, and the trip was to do deputation to raise support for that.)  This year we’ve all been very excited that we’ve started up again!  We’ve been having a LONG break since Christmas, because of our new baby and some minor complications that have come with that.  Hopefully- maybe- we can start some week soon!
A big thank you to Annalysa for letting me do this this week!
 Rachel M.
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