Saturday, February 14, 2015

Introduce Yourself: Rebecca

Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca G. and I'm fifteen years old. My very favorite instrument has always been guitar so when I was about ten I started to learn how to play it. I've played piano too since the earliest I can remember. No one in my family takes lessons so we teach ourselves through books, videos, and other random stuff. My sisters and I play special music at churches and conferences here and there. That's always a blast! I hope to learn the violin sometime but before I start that I plan to upgrade my guitar. This is a picture of the new one (I don't have it yet but will, hopefully, have soon :)

My favorite genres of music are contemporary christian and country. I really love country. My inspiration for playing guitar was Taylor Swift. She taught herself to play and became really good at it. She doesn't play country music anymore though which is kinda sad. :( Another artist I like is TobyMac. He plays some pretty inspiring songs about our great God!

I'm not sure if I have anything else to tell about my music so I'll just give some random facts about me. I love books! And when I say love I really mean love. :) Ask anyone who knows me and they'll agree. I started a blog called The Booklover's Tranquillity so I could do something with the books after I read them. It has reviews, character spotlights, and just recently added, author interviews.

Besides books, my hobbies include: drawing, writing, graphic designing, baking, snow skiing, jogging (although I love the racing aspect more than the practicing :), and in summer swimming. (We swim in our ponds so that's not an option during winter or any other cold season.) My dream is to design websites, logos, backgrounds, etc., as an actual job. I have so much fun with it and then to get paid too… :) My favorite book of the Bible is Philippians. Favorite color… that's hard to decide, I change so often. Right now it's either orange or teal.

So those are basically the main facts about me. I'm sure I could come up with more but now you probably know me as well as most people. Except for my family members, I think they know as much about me as I do myself. Sometimes I surprise them but it's not often. They've got me figured out.
Thanks for having me on the blog, Annalysa! I look forward to the posts.

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